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    Ballet is an art created by the movement of the body to music. Our classes will focus on posture, turn-out, graceful movements, knowledge of positions and valuable techniques that will build a strong foundation for any movement in the future.



    Learn to pop and lock, jump and turn, slide and leap, all to fun upbeat music. Hip-Hop will include jumps, flexibility, turns and some tumbling.



    Lyrical is a mix of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions. Be free to move with the beat of your heart and the rhythm of the music.

    Wee Movements

    5 and Under

    This class will focus on gross and fine motor skills, coordination between left and right and control of body movements using songs, dancing and tumbling skills. Parents are encouraged to join in the class to help their little ones.

    Creative Movements

    12 and Under

    This class is specifically designed to help build gross and fine motor skills for children with special needs. We will be mixing up the movement in order to create a fun and active class that will help encourage coordination and movement to a rhythm.


    All Ages

    This class will lengthen your muscles and increase your movement. Concentrating on breathing and motion of your body.


    All Ages

    HIIT classes are 45 minutes of shorter periods of high impact exercises that focus on burning body fat.


    All Ages

    While using the barre, you will be toning and lengthening your muscles in a fun new way.